Interesting Facts About Rainforests

The world Rainforest’s considered being exotic, wild, and diverse which extend from North to South and across the Earth. Throughout the rainforests, you can find several things that pertain to the rainforest and keep the animals alive. Ten of the most interesting facts about rainforests you will find below.

The size and location of the rainforest only cover around two percent of the earth’s total amount of surface. The Nature Conservancy stated they home over fifty percent of the animals and plants in the world. These rainforests is the ideal place for certain plants and animals to make their homes.

Most of the chemicals within the tropical rainforests give people around the world cures for different medical conditions. Many of the people who suffer from health problems like inflammation, muscle tension, surgical complications, malaria, heart disease, diabetes, and many more, can use these cures to resolve these problems.

Food is another interesting fact about the tropical rainforests. Research shows that 80% of the developed world’s diet comes from tropical rainforests. This includes fruits, vegetables, and other items as well.

The equatorial climate within the tropical rainforest stays at a constant climate receiving an astounding 1500 and 2500 millimeters of rain during the course of a year. Another thing that is interesting about the tropical rainforests. The temperature is that a person would find within the tropical rainforests stays anywhere between 85 to 95 degrees year round.

Research suggests that it takes at least 10 minutes for water to reach the forest floor and that the parts that receive the most sun include the over story, canopy, and understory receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

The Decomposition within the rainforest and things decompose faster than usual in the rainforests. Some things like fruits, leaves, seeds, and branches decompose faster and in turn replace with new material.

Most of the rainforests around the world have people who have lived there all of their life. The Indigenous people have lived off the land for thousands of years and will continue to live off the land for years to come.

When you look at the rainforests throughout the world, you see beautiful plants and considering that half of the world’s plant species lives in the rainforests because of the warm temperatures, and the excessive amount of rain.

Throughout the rainforests, you will find a variety of animals and other species within the rainforests. Everyone knows that plants cannot survive without the animals and animals cannot survive without plants.