How Summer Camp Can Help Your Future

Most people fondly remember the days of summer camps when they were children, but for teenagers, the summer usually isn’t nearly as much fun. Instead of making memories, they’re often getting their first job experience. Although getting a job is a worthwhile experience, there’s still something to be said for summer camps for teenagers. The right summer camp can open doors and provide experiences for teenagers that they simply can’t get at the local store. Here are some reasons why a summer camp for a teenager might just be something to consider:

Discover a Career

Why do teens spend their summers in the job market? Usually, it’s to get them to think about life after school. In the case of marine biology summer camps, teens can cultivate an interest that might develop into a college major. Given that many teens will likely be attending college in a few short years, getting first-hand experience watching whales and other ocean creatures in their natural habitat can convince a teen that this is something he or she wants to do as a full-time career. In turn, that helps narrow down college choices to find a school that can make that dream possible.

Expand the Resume

What could be better for a teenager’s future than acquiring real-world experience in something that could become a career? As more and more employers desire experience from their employees beyond the classroom, getting out into the field in any way possible is a great idea. If the camp develops into something that the teenager wishes to pursue full-time, he or she will be able to confidently walk into a job interview and discuss the experiences from the camp, giving him or her a potential advantage over the competition. Of course, summer jobs provide experience in the real world, but employers highly prize experience in a candidate’s chosen field. Even if it doesn’t lead to a full-time career in (or remotely related to) marine biology, such a summer camp can be an interesting thing to add to a resume that makes it stand out.

Make Connections

Ever heard the expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? The right connection isn’t enough to land a job, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. In most situations, knowing someone who works for the company you’re applying to can move your resume to the top of the pile. The connections made at a summer camp can be life-long, and those connections could prove beneficial years down the road. Whether it’s a direct connection or a friend of a friend, it never hurts to know someone when job hunting.

Get a Unique Experience

Not everything in life is going to lead to something more down the road. But that’s a part of life. Even if it doesn’t result in a future for a teenager, he or she will still never forget the experience of studying and watching whales in their natural habitat. There’s just something about the beauty of nature and seeing these majestic creatures in their own environment that sticks with a person in a way that videos or a zoo cannot ever match. Marine biology summer camps can provide the kind of memory that a teenager will look back on fondly for years to come.

There are plenty of benefits to the normal teenage summer of working a job and gaining experience, but for those who look beyond the typical,┬ámarine biology summer camps┬ácan be a great way to have a memorable summer while discovering something about yourself and your future at the same time. Maybe you’ll find a passion that leads to the journey of a lifetime